Tokyo Bounty

From the rows upon rows of market garden allotments, the mountain air, clear streams and the scarcity of people it is hard to believe that Yozawa is still in fact part of the city of Tokyo.  Fly fishing at Yozawa is usually catch and release for me, but at the river there is a stall selling local farmers’ produce and this time of the year means the local specialty vegetable of the Itsukaichi area, norabou (I have no idea what it is in English) which I look forward to cooking with.  I also laid in some eggs – not silkie unfortunately, but still free range – and some locally produced honey.  The wild boar curry, now a regular purchase whenever I am in the area, was bought at the station shop.


2 responses to “Tokyo Bounty

  1. love it. I will go shopping for the curry to bring back to florida when im in tokyo this year!!!

  2. Hi SHAR, it is not on sale everywhere, so please let me know when you are in Tokyo and I can give you some directions.

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