Tanago rods latest

Put a layer of red lacquer on my tanago rods.  It looks a poor-john dull mauve colour but with a year or so, the lacquer should come up a nice rich red colour (the longer you leave urushi, the clearer and brighter it comes out).  Whilst these rods are made as a pair, I believe I shall keep one (the thicker of the two, probably) for my own fishing, and sell the other.  Check back soon for updates on the progress of the making of bamboo rod cases for both.


12 responses to “Tanago rods latest

  1. ……looking good Adam! – Arlan

    • Adam is there any chance of buying one of these traditional Tenkara rods in the USA or do you sell them? I have a new Tenkara rod but it is a new modern style and I would like to own a traditional style. Would you kindly e-mail me regarding this. [redacted]@aol.com

  2. Hi Scott,
    Sorry, I have yet to make a tenkara rod. Or do you want a bamboo tanago rod?

    • Adam,

      I hope this is not on a public channel, I was kind of hoping you might be able to donate a rod to me. You see, I am a Disabled Iraq Vet and living on a small disability check. Finances since I returned home have been so bad that it constantly causes arguments between my wife and I. I know times are tough for everyone and the generousity of people has been great. I have been using fishing as a way of therapy to help with my PTSD, Depression and anxiety, not to mention the fear of being around a bunch or people. Project Healing Waters has introduced me to fly fishing and I saw a demo on Tenkara at a fly fishing festival and got me thinking how it most have been 400 years ago in Japan as the village fishermen were out with there rods, trying to bring home fish to survive on. The thought of a traditional rod is beyond belief and I would appreciate it if you could see your way to possibly sending a rod to me. Sorry if I was misleading.

      Thank You so much for your time,
      Scott Martin

  3. Hi Scott,
    Sorry to disappoint you this time, but in the near future I am going to start making tenkara rods. Please check back again soon and I will be sure to bear you in mind then.
    All the best,

  4. Please do and I will be watching out. Thank you

  5. Do you not make the Tenago Rods any more? They are so beautiful.

  6. Hello
    Are you making tenkara bamboo rods?

  7. I am very interested in tanago rods. Do you make them, or do you know of any company that is willing to ship them to California? I tried ebay, ebay japan, amazon etc with no luck. Any info is appreciated. Thanks

    • Hi Dominic, my fishing buddy and friend Saosho makes traditional Japanese bamboo rods. He has customers around the world. Please click on the link to “Traditional Japanese Rod Craftsman Saosho” on the right panel. Or you can contact him via Facebook. All the best,

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