Tokyo X

fried up the norabou greens from Itsukaichi in the manner recommended by the locals, stir-fried in a wok with some meat; in this case, a fishing buddy had given me a bag of bloody Tokyo-raised pork, the unusual breed known as “Tokyo X“.  To my surprise, the norabou was as delicious as the farmers and locals had raved about – it cooks very quickly and has not a hint of the bitterness or stringiness you get with spinach – and my only regret is not having laid in more.

Today was the day I finished another of my urushi lacquered pens (the one on the right) using a different kind of finish compared to my previous one:

I celebrated this by cracking open a microbrewery beer, a Weizenbier-style creation from a place called Echigo Beer.   I have drunk the real thing in Bavaria and countless imported bottles in the UK, and even home-brewed a version when I was a student, but even so in my opinion this beer was actually pretty good.  If I were to do a blindfold test alongside something like Schneider Weisse I think I would struggle to identify the ‘real’ German one.

Lastly, I forgot to post this when I got back from Yozawa.  When I was setting up my rig on the stream bank I spotted a delightful little Japanese five-lined skink (Linnaeus’ P. japonicus) at my feet; a sure sign that spring is upon us.


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