Spaghetti of Infamy

Clearing out the freezer during these holidays I found I had the ingredients to make a pasta dish of note: bacon and black pudding spaghetti.  Whilst this is hardly the healthiest of dishes, the sweet honey-cured unsmoked bacon and spiced, savoury black pudding (both home-made) make a quite unexpected yet pleasant combination; and whilst devouring the pasta I reminded myself that there are very few bodily pleasures entirely devoid of guilt, not least black pudding which I might eat at the most two or three times in a year.


3 responses to “Spaghetti of Infamy

  1. You need some scallops in there as well 😉

  2. Now grah I think scallops are too healthy an ingredient for this particular pasta!

  3. Suzanne Shelton

    Adam could you contact me immediately about using some of your images in a U.S. feature film.
    S. Shelton

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