Tokyo Bay Whiting

Made my first whiting trip of the season today.  Despite the high winds blowing most of the day, I had a very good catch – in addition to my first angler’s sunburn of the year.  However, I knew I would have a good day on the water: I met Fishing Cat outside my flat on the way out in the morning.  She pretended to ignore me but once I turned my back she followed me out to the main road; perhaps I (or my fishing gear) smelt of fish.

Although I left off fishing at about 1pm I still had a huge catch.  I gave the largest away to my local sushi restaurant that always wants the big fish; the rest I filleted for tenpura or sun-drying.  It took me close on two hours to fillet them all.


4 responses to “Tokyo Bay Whiting

  1. Long time no see.
    Very good catch of Shirokisu and your sun-drying looks very delicious.
    Shirokisu will be in scope of my fishing target in June and I love tempura of it.
    If you have a chance to go fishing in Osaka with me, please let me know.
    I am happy to guide you to my fishing area.

  2. Hi Shin,
    Nice to hear from you again!
    I was very jealous of your catches of Sawara and it lookds like you are enjoying good luck with katsuo too.
    I should very much like to go fishing with you in Osaka one day! Thank you so much for the kind invitation. Perhaps I can visit you during August? What fish do you target during summer?

  3. Hi Adam,
    We can enjoy various fishes as our target in August, although it is very hot even on the boat.
    Madai, Hamachi (Warasa), Sawara, Isaki, Maaji, Shirokisu, Tachiuo and Tako are possible targets in August. Please let me know when you will have decided candidate dates in August. I will be happy to go fishing with you.

  4. Hi Shin,
    I am not too fussy about what we catch – although I have caught all the fish you list there before, apart from Sawara so that might be a good option. Depending on the conditions at the time too, of course. Can I get in touch with you closer to the summer holidays? I have your Yahoo e-mail address (kept private).
    All the best,

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