New tanago rod

Completed making my 50cm four-piece tanago rod and rod case at last.  Hopefully the weather will clear up (we are in the middle of the Japanese rainy season now) soon so I can give it a test at Teganuma.

The rod laid out next to its case.  The black rod tip fits inside the rod butt section and all three remaining pieces of the rod fit inside the case nice and snugly.

Another view of the case, with its lid on.  In a couple of years the lacquer will come up clearer and brighter, but as fishing tackle it is ready to use now!


5 responses to “New tanago rod

  1. Very nicely done, Adam! I’m sure it will perform as well as it’s good looks! – Arlan

  2. 良い竿が出来ましたね!私はタナゴの新子釣りを頑張っています。Adamさんも知ってるA親方とそのお弟子さんのA氏とA氏(全員Aだ!!)にアドバイスを頂きながら18mmまでは釣る事が出来ました。それ以下は中々難しいですが楽しいですよ!

  3. Hi Arlan,
    I will post a report after I have baptised the rods!

  4. shin-imさん、

  5. curtis takahashi

    Is there a site which details the making of a tanago rod?

    Curtis Takahashi

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