The other one

took some photos of the second rod, of the pair I just completed.  The piece of bamboo for the rod case turned out just too slim for this rod, so I think I will buy a cotton bag for the rod instead.  This rod has a couple of flaws in the bamboo body – no effect on the fishing action, just the aesthetics of the thing – yet will probably turn out to be a better tanago fisher, being somewhat lighter than its sibling.  I also managed to fire it much straighter than the other, so each rod has its own particular character, I suppose.

I have yet to work out a way to photograph my homemade rods in their entirety, without making giant pictures or the rod too small to see any detail.  Anyway, here is my best attempt, with a ruler alongside to give you some idea of its scale, for you to click through for the whole thing.

I also managed to take a photo of the rod demonstrating one of the grips used when tanago angling.  It is essentially a pencil/calligraphy brush grip with the rod held as lightly as possible.  Please excuse the horrid state of my fingernails and skin, but I challenge anybody who makes bamboo rods and works with urushi to have delicate unblemished alabaster digits.

Looking back at my blog entries, it turns out it took me about three months to make these rods from scratch, including a hiatus in April when I was back in the UK.  Although they leave a lot to be desired, I am fairly happy with results and I can’t wait to fish with them.  After meeting up with my rod making teacher last week my next rod making projects will be one haze and two tenkara rods.  And maybe some more tanago rods; you can never have enough of them.


3 responses to “The other one

  1. I have seen photos that show that grip but I did not realize there were other grips used for tanago angling. Could you illustrate those as well?

  2. Thank you so much for showing us your craft. I also make bamboo rods (split variety) and enjoy whole cane fly rods from my sponsor, Sakura. Pleased with your blog, hope to read more…

  3. Hi Adam Trahan,
    Thank you for reading and for your kind comment. I own and use a number of Sakura rods too.
    Please visit again soon.
    All the best,

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