New Personal Best

A hot day out on the water today…but click through for the record fish!

Made the trip to Teganuma today to chase some new-born tanago.  Unfortunately my newly finished tanago rods were too short to use at this particular fishing point but using a bamboo rod I bought in 2008 I was lucky enough to catch some specimens of the Holy Grail of tanago angling…the near-mythical 1-yen fish!  Many thanks as always to Mr. Redfeather, Mr. A. and all the regular anglers at Teganuma Lake, Chiba Prefecture, without whose patient tuition, special ground hooks, advice and above all kindness I would never have been able to land such legendary fish.

The proof in the pudding…the captured beast laid out with a 1-yen coin:

A local witness (the angler next to me) measured this fish as 16mm, well inside the 20mm of a 1-yen coin.  I also have a small acrylic case to photograph the fish but unfortunately the photo didn’t quite come out as well as I had hoped, the beast being so small and darting about the place…

In the end I took five 1-yen fish, a catch I could only have dreamt about until today:

After fishing, the local anglers invited me to sit and drink a cup of tea with them by the river and I learnt more in an hour than I would from a year of self-experimentation.  In particular, they gave me a great deal of advice regarding grinding of hooks and even cast a critical eye over some of the sad attempts I had made with hooks of my own (all the 1-yen fish I caught were on a hook given to me by one of the veteran anglers).  I am most grateful for all their kindness and look forward to having another go soon!

PS In hindsight, it is not all weird that I had a good day of fishing today, seeing as I met Fishing Cat on my way to the train station in the morning.


14 responses to “New Personal Best

  1. Nice guppy

  2. Congratulations!

    …Maybe the cat can provide me with recommendations for a good place to take my mother fishing. She has taken an interest this summer in river fishing. Can you ask him?

  3. Congratulations Adam! Awesome accomplishment. Would love to hear more about proper hook grinding sometime. – Arlan

  4. Hi Igor,
    Thank you, although technically, it is a bitterling…
    All the best,

  5. Amy,
    Fishing Cat seems to despise all humans, except for those who bring gifts of catnip – and even then she won’t suffer them to touch her or even stare at her too long.
    I am sure there are plenty of spots up-country not too far from where you are – or you could be adventurous and take a boat onto the Long Island Sound, something I missed out on last time…

  6. Hi Arlan,
    I’m afraid the hook grinding is kind of difficult to explain without taking photos of the hooks magnified; my current microscopy does not have this capability.

  7. こりゃ凄い小さいですね!

  8. 遅くなりました。RFです!

  9. JDさん書き込みありがとう。

  10. kenjiさん、
    土曜日もおんぶにだっこ 大変面倒をおかけしてしまいました。
    数釣るなら もっと早い時間から釣り開始!ですね...

  11. Chris Stewart

    Congratulations – as much for the invitation to tea as for the catch!

  12. Thanks Chris. I’m always amazed at how open and kind the great majority of anglers I have met here are – especially the old timers parting with their knowledge, as well as their fishing tackle too.

  13. Neko kichi — does it mean fishing cat?

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