For the gourmand

After making the garlic, sage & ginger sausages I thought I might try something else from the Ruhlman & Polcyn book: boudin blanc.  This is slightly different to the white pudding of Great Britain, more delicate and finely spiced but no less unhealthy really, with suet and chopped pork fat replaced with a very great number of eggs, a pint or so of milk and some other things, but equally delicious.  These are the puddings just after poaching.  To serve, they are usually browned in a little olive oil in a frying pan and served with the orthodox English breakfast accompaniments such as toast, bacon and similar.


4 responses to “For the gourmand

  1. hi adam,
    wow i just spent hours reading your blog. my girlfriend and i want to be your new best friend

  2. sorry got cut-off. anyway, we just moved to tokyo earlier this year and keen to get into fishing. any advice for starting out and getting better? we went out into tokyo bay a couple times. would love to start fly fishing.

  3. Hi mika,
    Thank you for your comments.
    For offshore fishing: the magazines “Tsurijoho” and “Tsurimaru” provide excellent information on boats, locations and even fish recipes. How I got started into offshore.
    For fly fishing: many fly tackle stores in Tokyo have flyers/discounts for certain rivers/streams. Some shops run a guiding service for their customers. Yozawa Trout Stream in Tokyo has onsite tuition available, as do some of the other stocked trout rivers in the area.
    In general, sport fishing is one of the most popular past-times in Japan – in terms of numbers, even more than golf. If you ask among your Japanese acquaintances you will almost certainly find anglers, who more often than not are happy to take you fishing. I know I owe a lot of my fishing here in Japan to the kindness of local anglers.
    Also, you are welcome to join my on my twice-yearly charters. Unfortunately you missed my most recent one last month. The next will be this autumn.
    All the best,

  4. Thanks for the above, Adam. Would love to catch the autumn trip!

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