A Dark & Stormy Day

on Tokyo Bay…

But I was lucky enough to land a brace of cutlassfish:

And ditto inada (young yellowtail):

Thank you very much to Mr. T. and to the fishing boat Sawaura, sailing from Fukagawa, east Tokyo!


2 responses to “A Dark & Stormy Day

  1. Hi Adam, The yellowtail makes it a good day I would think. While fishing for suzuki, I twice caught cutlassfish, but never did put a check next to yellowtail. How did you prepare the cutlassfish? I tried one of them shioyaki, but was’t really satisfied with the result. I gave a second fish to a neighbor, who, if memory serves, pickled it.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Please see my latest post for the fate of the yellowtail & the cutlassfish! In my opinion the cutlassfish wants a little attention to come out well in the kitchen, being a very white flesh and tending to spoil quickly. Also the small bones running along the length of the back need to be removed else eating is a terrible chore. Shioyaki with sansho (the stuff you put on unagi) or tenpura or kobujime is how I usually eat them. They come out pretty good when split down the middle and sun-dried roo (like aji).

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