Friday Aji Fishing

good day out on the Bay today.  It was very hot out, but a strong libeccio blowing all day ensured a little relief from the sun and the aji horse mackerel hooked themselves, quite literally, all day.

I was obliged to stop fishing at around midday, as my cool-box was packed to the brim with fish.  Even so I foresee a long night ahead in the kitchen, and lots of presents for the neighbours…

Unfortunately I did not take any blue or chub mackerel today – the orthodox bycatch for this sort of chum fishing – but I had the good fortune of snagging a fair-sized shotted halibut.  I have never caught such a fish on Tokyo Bay before and she will do very well sun-dried and then grilled.

In hindsight, it is not surprising I had a good catch today.  Not only was I seen off from my flat by Fishing Cat in the early morning, but on arriving at the fishing boat in Kanazawa Hakkei I spotted an osprey right in front of the moorings, in fact one of a pair I have known to have established themselves in the area since last winter.  There were just too many good omens to not have a good day on the water today.

Many thanks to Bentenya, sailing from Kanazawa Hakkei, for their excellent and friendly service as always!


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