Still eating aji

Finished off my Friday haul with a bunch of fried aji sangle-wiches!

Aji laid out and seasoned with salt & pepper, shiso leaf and half-slice of processed cheese ready to be clapped on and the whole breadcrumbed and deep-fried.  Mise en place, just ready to start the greasy process of frying.

After a good draining on kitchen paper/newspaper, the fried aji is placed in a sandwich with copious tartare sauce (secret recipe), ketchup and shredded lettuce leaves.  I think I ate mine in about three bites!


7 responses to “Still eating aji

  1. Greetings Adam,
    How about taking a few minutes from making yourself fat on (secret recipe) tartare sauce, and do a video of filleting aji, as you had mentioned quite awhile ago.
    That was a nice catch, and this fall I may try to locate where I can purchase some. Those sandwiches look good, but they won’t be the same without (secret recipe) tartare sauce!

  2. Looks delicious. You mentioned them not having much fat. What time of the year are Aji best from Tokyo Bay?

  3. Hi Sparkey,
    Late autumn and winter definitely, in my experience.

  4. Greetings Adam,
    I hope you realize I was just messing with you about the (secret recipe) tartare sauce. I would like to see the video about aji filleting.
    Did you see that Ruhlman has a new book out, “Salumi”? I’ll be getting that one pretty quick. Did you ever set up a small fridge, and did you ever contact Matt Wright?

  5. Hello Adam, need a lead here, hows does one organise a fishing charter in Toyama bay for one or two days. Many Thanks.

  6. Hi Lee,
    This is the only sport fishing boat I have sailed on in Toyama Bay. I am not sure if they do charters as I have only been on the share ride but you can always ring up and ask.
    Hope this helps,

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