Matsushima Bay Bounty

The most orthodox method of dealing with haze: tenpura.  Eaten with just good sea-salt, there are few fish dishes I enjoy more than tenpura straight out of the pot.  If anything the batter was a little too thick but still came out pretty well.

The next dish is another favourite of mine when dealing with white fish: kobu-jime.  Here fillets of fish are salted and then pressed with a great weight between layers of konbu kelp leaves that have been moistened with vinegar.

To serve, I always eat it with finely chopped umeboshi plum.  These too are homemade.  Kobujime for me is always a bear-trap as it goes uncommonly well with almost all alcoholic drinks, often leading to over-indulgence.  I managed to control myself and drank only three cans of chuhai spirits.

Finally, as we left Matsushima in a characteristically generous gesture my rod making teacher said ‘I have no need for this’ and gave me the big blue swimmer-crab he had caught.  Good thing I didn’t mock him for falling over (see previous post)!

A hefty sized hen crab, which I split in two and made into miso soup; the taste was unbelievably good and rich.

Lastly, one of the curiosities of Matsushima Bay was the number of shako mantis shrimps we caught as by-catch.  I boiled mine in salted water and it made an excellent snack.


2 responses to “Matsushima Bay Bounty

  1. I couldn’t believe my good luck one day when fishing for kurodai & mejina from rocks on the Noto Peninsula I looked down to find a blue crab wedged in a crack in the volcanic rock. I pried him out and later that day dropped him in a pot of miso for a memorable meal. Maia (my daughter) and I used to catch haze at the mouth of a small river flowing into Nanao Bay. I enjoy the memories reading your posts bring back.

  2. HI Barbra & Jack,
    I think it’s the best thing to do with crabs with not so much meat on them – all the flavour comes out in the soup and it is delicious.
    Glad you enjoyed the post; haze fishing can be enjoyed by anyone, and always finishes with a good meal at the end of the day!
    All the best,

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