More sarsingers

Still waiting for the ambient temperature to go down enough to start curing and making fermented sausages: despite the “r” in the month it is still 30°C inside my kitchen.  However, I can still make fresh sausages, which I do whenever I can.  These are using the “Spicy Italian” recipe from the Ruhlman & Polcyn book.  Adjusting the salt (a touch less than the recipe) and chilli (more) and these came out really nice, just like the crumbled spicy meat you get on pizzas of a certain variety.  I have got into the habit, to spare my arteries and waistline, of making smaller quantities of sausage each time and eating only a few; having verified their taste (and safety) I then give the rest away.  My local bar owner gave me a fresh flying fish in return for some of these!


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