Hot-smoked andouille sausage

according to the recipe by Ruhlman & Polcyn; I think I added more Cayenne pepper than the original recipe asks for, and the sausages are linked smaller because I am limited by the small size of my smoker.  These were smoked over a mix of beechwood and sakura chips, unfortunately they were fully cooked before they really took on a lot of colour, but they taste very smoky.  Anyway this is what the sausage looks like sliced.  This was my first attempt at a hot-smoked sausage and I am fairly pleased with the results.

Well I haven’t been able to cook using smoked andouille sausage since living in Tokyo so it was nice to be able to make one of my favourite dishes, jambalaya.  Unfortunately I didn’t have any American long-grain rice, only Japanese, which made the end product a little more glutinous than it should be, but with home-made smoked sausage, ham ditto, good prawns and all the appropriate spices, it came out pretty well.


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