Korea Spice

One of my drinking buddies made the trip across the Tsushima Strait recently and brought me back some examples of what I believe is one of the great cooking sauces/condiments of the world: gochujang.  In fact the one bottom right is my favourite brand…


4 responses to “Korea Spice

  1. Followed the link you provided to the Wikipedia article on gochjang. It has me thinking about possibilities with the miso in my fridge…

  2. With gochujang and miso (taenjang) combined, you create a wonderful dipping sauce we call sammjang. It is especially good dipped with raw garlic stems, or cucumbers.

  3. Barbra & Jack: it is very versatile stuff, aside from its natural use such as bibimbap, I have gochujang in place of mustard when eating sausages, as a relish for yakisoba, deep-fried or grilled fish, anything really!

  4. Pursuit of Pisces,
    Thank you for posting. On cucumbers, definitely! Also samjang is on offer at all the yakiniku places here in Japan.

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