Trafalgar Day Roast

Since Trafalgar Day fell on a Sunday this year and I was at home, I made some roast lamb, roast potatoes and mushrooms.  Mint sauce on the side, of course.  Lamb shank is a somewhat clichéd and trendy ingredient in England but has yet to be so here in Japan and is plentiful and cheap, so I bought two pair and set them to slow-roast most of the day.  It is impossible to muck up and contains my own sinful delight, bone marrow.

Shank also means carving is the utmost simplicity – placing one on each diner’s plate.  The potatoes and mushrooms were sliced thin and placed in a tray and also baked; very easy.  I cannot lay claim to either of these recipes as they came from the BBC Good Food website.  There was plenty of Madeira and wine to wash everything down, and I reached such a high state of spirits I sang Spanish Ladies whilst dressing the lamb, and every verse I could remember of The British Tars whilst pudding was in the making…

No English meal would be compete without a suet pudding, slow-steamed and served piping-hot with custard.  I made spotted dog/Dick, and the custard too was home-made; recipes courtesy of Traditional English


2 responses to “Trafalgar Day Roast

  1. As a Kiwi, I always keep my eyes peeled for lamb shanks when out shopping in Tokyo, so far with little success. I must be frequenting the wrong places, so I’m dying to know where you secured those! Butcher or supermarket? Upmarket or down?

  2. Hi James,
    There are several online halal butchers that stock lamb shanks, as well as many other niche foods. However I was in a rush and wanted the shanks on the day, so I made the trip to the upmarket store Nissin World Delicatessen in Azabu. Of course the former option is cheaper.

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