Sagami Bay Hirame Fishing

Something of a dismal-Jemmy day at sea today, overcast and windy but with a spring tide the fish were in the mood.  I had one very good fish on which put up a terrible fight; unfortunately with just a few fathoms left to reel in before bringing the fish to the surface, the hirame bit clean through my leader; the ones that get away are always the biggest, eh.  However, I did snag a young yellowtail early in the morning to make sure my cool-box wasn’t just filled with ice alone.


2 responses to “Sagami Bay Hirame Fishing

  1. I lost more hirame than I put on the beach or in the boat. But it was always a red letter day when I was lucky enough to go home with one! I still think about a really nice one I lost while fishing on a beach near Hiratsuka… Congrats on the yellowtail!

  2. Thanks, yellowtail is always welcome whatever the fishing. As for hirame, in the day’s fishing I got three takes: one with no hookset, one which broke the leader soon after striking and the biggest, which bit through my line after bringing the fish from 50 fathoms to about five…they have wicked chompers and there is nothing you can really do about it. I’ve never yet caught a hirame in Sagami Bay, only on the Pacific sailing from Ibaraki.

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