Chorizo progress

My first attempt at fermented sausage: chorizo castellano.  The sausages have been drying for ten days now and at this weigh-in, have lost 15 – 20% of their original weight.  The pieces of fat have started to stand proud in the casing as the meat dries out.  The chorizo will be ready to eat when they reach the 30% mark or so.

This has definitely been a learning experience and I look forward to my next attempt at fermented sausage.


2 responses to “Chorizo progress

  1. I feel like I can smell that sausage! By the way, Adam, if you have not checked out the film “Jiro Dreams of Sushi,” Barbra and I can’t recommend it highly enough. We just watched it and were mesmerized… both times.

  2. I don’t watch very many films but any recommendation from you I will certainly investigate. The chorizo is trebly shotted with raw garlic, both hot and sweet pimenton, and oregano; I’m surprised the neighbours haven’t complained yet!

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