Fermented sausages – second attempt

My second attempt at fermented sausages is now in train: I am making a kind of Catalan dried pork sausage which will be moulded on the outside.  This time the fermentation stage went quickly and properly (in addition to filling my flat with a most pungent, not unpleasing, aroma) and now the drying process begins.  The recipe is based on that in the Marianski book with modifications derived from Ruhlman & Polcyn, and some lessons learnt from my previous attempt at fermented sausage.

Since I don’t have the space for a whole fridge I do my fermenting and drying in a rejigged drinks warmer/cooler- something that can be set to any temperature between 4 and 40°C – with a water reservoir at the bottom and a fan that moves the air about within.  It is perfect for drying sausages, my first batch were dried completely evenly throughout without the slightest hint of case-hardening, but it does mean I am limited in batch size to about 2kg of sausage at any one time and the sausages can’t be too long, so the “big” dried and cured meats are a little out of my scope at the moment.  These sausages should be ready in about three weeks.


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