My Catalan fermented sausages are growing Santa Claus-like beards of mould; it is all good mould, though, and I assure you they are supposed to be like this.  Unlike the natives of Lleida, Barcelona and so forth who merely have to hang their sausages up to be blessed with a spontaneous growth of the right variety of mould, here in east Tokyo we are not so lucky.  I buy my mould in the form of a pure culture, rouse the creatures from their frozen slumber and then I am obliged to inoculate the sausages by hand.


Anyway, I’m finally off work now till the New Year – Christmas is a regular working day here in Japan – so in addition to putting my feet up, I hope to get some fishing in over the next few days.  Wherever you are and however you celebrate, I hope you enjoy the holidays and thank you for reading my blog.


4 responses to “Mouldy

  1. Happy New Year and fishing, Adam. Thanks for having such an interesting blog.

  2. Best of the new year to you, Adam!

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