What is

New Year’s Day without a fire-exorcism at the local temple, followed by hot sake and stewed chitterlings, and the takoyaki octopus-tentacle; all before 9am?  From Tokyo, wishing you big catches, safe journeys at sea and all the best for 2013.

Not forgetting grilled ayu sweetfish on a stick…


4 responses to “What is

  1. happy new year adam! hope I get to go fishing with you one time when I come to nippon!
    shar from the amazon jungle
    amazon5000 and ecoplanetadventures

  2. Hi Shar,
    Thanks and Happy New Year to you too.
    You are always welcome here if you want to go fishing together in Japan, just drop me a line!

  3. Oh, that salted ayu really takes me back. Nice! Catch something big and tasty this year!

  4. It was pretty…salty as I am sure you know!
    Unfortunately my squid fishing trip today was cancelled due to bad weather, so it looks like I will first out this year on Saturday, hirame fishing on Sagami Bay, to try and catch some of those beasts I lost in October.

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