Catalan Dried Sausage


After 17 days of drying the sausage is fully moulded and has lost 17.6% of its mass.  I think the sausage might be ready in ten days or so but it already smells like a ripe cheese.  On another note, on a whim I bought a new folding fishing knife that caught my eye at the tackle store:


This knife boasts some kind of titanium-alloy blade and everything else is made of plastic and comes with a guarantee from the maker it will not rust for 10 years or your money back.  By virtue of its construction it weighs about 35 grams and packs small, a great advantage for sea fishing.  I look forward to taking it with me to Ibaraki this weekend where I am scheduled to go offshore fishing with Captain Yutaka, and shall put it through its paces.  I’ve destroyed probably a dozen or more fishing knives in my time, despite the makers promising much in their construction and design.  The only knives that have really answered are a kind of CRKT Crawford-Kasper tactical knife that no longer seems to be made.  I also have a classic Buck folder that is tough and holds its edge well but the blade has a slight tendency to corrosion.  We’ll see how this one does.


4 responses to “Catalan Dried Sausage

  1. Bar and I have been using Benchmade folding knives for the past few years and have come to really appreciate them. They offer good after-purchase service as well, including free once-a-year sharpening (though I sharpen our blades for us) and will take care of any issues with the knives with no problem. But your note about titanium got me thinking… incredibly light, durable, corrosion resistant metal. Does it sharpen up well? Good luck with the upcoming fishing trip. On an unrelated note, I had ordered, and just this past week received, a Shun kitchen knife. Haven’t put it through all the paces yet, but so far I Really like it.

  2. The blade on the knife is too thin and light for serious cutting work. It struggles with the spine bone of the hirame and the plastic handle is hard to get a grip on; also a couple of times it felt like the handle might give way before the blade cut properly. Actually the skipper has a knife made by the same company but in scabbard form rather than folding. That might be the way to go. It is very sharp and has kept its edge well but I haven’t tried sharpening it yet. I will look up Benchmade; is there any particular model you recommend or answers well for sea angling?

  3. adam try the spyderco H2O.
    never ever rust and I take them with me to the amazon on regular basis on our ecoplanetadeventures and amazon5000 expeditions
    go amazon5000 expedition

  4. Hi Shar,
    Thanks for the tip! Is there any particular model you recommend? I had a quick look at the Spyderco website and there is a bewildering variety.
    All the best,

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