Tokyo Snow

Difficult to recall the amazing warm weather of yesterday; Nakaminato seems like a remote, hypothetical dream compared to what greeted me as I rose today and looked out onto my balcony in Tokyo:

tokyo snow

Being a national holiday today, I passed the time eating more hirame sashimi, drinking rum and not leaving my apartments all day.  Captain Yutaka recommended I eat the sashimi dipped not in regular soy sauce, but in soy sauce into which uni, the eggs of the sea urchin, have been mashed into, with some mirin sweetened sake added, to make a thoroughly rich, delicious dipping sauce.  So I did.


4 responses to “Tokyo Snow

  1. 美味しそう!!

    • shin-imさん、ウニをこして同じぐらいの量の醤油と、みりんを2,3滴とよく混ぜて作りました。白身刺身はとてもおいしくなります!

  2. Oh, man… that dipping sauce sounds mighty tasty.

  3. B & J, give it a try! I made the sauce with roughly equal amounts of uni and soy sauce and a few drops of mirin, the uni first being pushed through a fine sieve to get rid of the little brown threads/connective tissue.
    Is it easy to get uni in your part of Alaska?

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