Catalan Fermented Sausage

after one month of drying.  It is very, very tasty, and a great improvement on my previous attempt at fermented sausage.  The flavours are really powerful and intense: cheese-like fermented aroma, cheese-like lip-smacking umami, and of course a great dose of delicious pork fat.  The sausage could still use some more drying – the recipe says 1 to 2 months – although it is ready to eat now.  I plan on leaving the rest of the sausages in the batch to dry for another couple of weeks.  Whilst I tried this sausage on Saturday, two days ago, it remains to be seen whether I develop a botulism poisoning or not.  Anyway, I think my next project will be fermented Turkish suçuk sausage.


2 responses to “Catalan Fermented Sausage

  1. Thanks protopigeon. The only thing bad about this sausage was I didn’t make more of it!

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