Tanago rod ready for fishing

After the last layer of lacquering, I fired the rod to straighten it one last time, and fine-adjusted the joints to make sure everything fitted nice and smoothly.  The inserts are rubbed with horse-grease and now it is ready, just in time for my first tanago trip of the new year this weekend.  With its new baleen tip (which has a natural curve to it, as baleen will never go straight as bamboo does) shipped the rod comes to a whopping 50cm in length, perfectly suitable for fish that come in no larger than about 5cm.


6 responses to “Tanago rod ready for fishing

  1. I really enjoy your blog. Have you ever considered building a tanago rod to sell? I would be interested in one if you ever do. Please look at my website: tenkaraguides.com
    We are a professional tenkara fly fishing guide company based in USA.


    • HI John,
      Thank you for posting and for your interest in my rods.
      At the moment I am not really at the level of being able to make tanago rods for sale, but it is something I plan to do in the future.
      All the best,

  2. That’s a sweet little rod, Adam! Beautiful finish! – Arlan

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