Teganuma Fishing Trip


Made the journey up to Teganuma to give my new tanago rod a test and see old friends again.  We were very lucky with the weather: bright and sunny and there wasn’t a breath of wind until the sun set; most of the time I was fishing in shirt-sleeves despite it being mid-winter.  I put my new rod together, baited up the hook and let go my first line.


The rod turned out to be just the right length for this fishing spot and soon I landed my first tanago with it, an average-sized buck:


The fish put up a fairly good show as the afternoon progressed and the water warmed up, and they started to take the bait fairly often.  I had a fish break off my hook towards the end of the day, one I had used for maybe two years, and on remarking the fact my neighbour immediately leapt up and gave me another one!  The tanago anglers at Teganuma are always so kind and generous.  Likewise, another gave me a handmade float set and line, ready to use, from his collection:


My thumbnail is about 15mm wide, which should give you some idea of how tiny the rig is!  It is perfect for Teganuma tanago fishing.  Anyway, the day wore on and in the end I had caught a perfectly respectable bag by the time the sun began to set and the winter chill suddenly set in.


All the tanago were released back into the lake, traumatised perhaps but fit to fight another day, and we concluded the trip with a meal in a local izakaya near the train station.  Many thanks as always to Mr. I., the two Mr. S.s, Mr. Redfeather and all the regulars at Lake Teganuma for the great day out!

2 responses to “Teganuma Fishing Trip

  1. 先日はお疲れ様でした。

  2. shinさん、
    また 行きたいです!

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