Tanago Tackle

Picked up some sundries at traditional Japanese angling outfitters Tosaku during the week, and set them to use.  First, I bought a traditional hand-stitched cotton bag for the tanago rod I have just made.


When folded and tied it will fit as easily into your pocket as  your tackle bag:


Next I bought a set of bamboo frames, the tanago angler’s version of a line-tidy, which keep your tanago rigs taut and trim and separate from one another.  I then made two rigs for Teganuma tanago angling, entirely from parts and tackle I have been generously given by various anglers on the lake, and wrapped them, ready for use.  For scale, I added a 1-yen coin, which is 25mm in diameter.  These rigs are far smaller than anything you can buy in the stores, and I am sincerely grateful for these gifts I have received – in particular, the craftsmanship put into the floats alone is astounding.


To protect the bamboo frames with their delicate cargo, these are placed in a specially made cotton bag, looking ever like little tucked-in bedfellows.


The whole thing folds up and is secured with a knot, and everything is ready for fishing!



2 responses to “Tanago Tackle

  1. Hello Adam,
    I am a fellow tanago angler in the USA. Do you have any links, resources for tanago tackle dealers that will ship overseas?

    Thank You,

  2. Hi John,
    I don’t personally know of any such dealer.
    However, I believe Tenkarabum.com stocks tanago tackle.
    Hope this helps,

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