New Tanago Rod

Whilst I like to think I can make my own tanago fishing gear sometimes the temptation is too great, to buy the rods made by professionals.  Whilst this rod is by no means the pinnacle of craftsmanship, it is still way, way beyond anything I can possibly make at home.  So I bought it.

8-piece tanago rod, with fitted baleen tip and spare bamboo tip (not shown) and the all fits inside a lacquered bamboo case.  Many thanks to Mr. M. as always, for the fantastic tackle.  I look forward to using this rod in the upcoming spring tanago season.


9 responses to “New Tanago Rod

  1. I think it’s a beautiful rod. Very nice!

  2. おはようございます!

  3. the rod looks amazing…:-)
    I came to your website, searching some informations about coming to japan for crucian carp fishing.
    very interesting website you have 🙂
    take care

  4. Hi florent,
    Thank you for reading my page and for your kind comment.
    Please visit soon again!

  5. Im looking for any information on where I can try my hand at tanago fishing nearish within 2hrs of tokyo. Your blog here is a real inspiration! If you’re willing to share any tips please let me know!

    • Hi Aaron,
      Kasumigaura (Ibaraki pref.) and Teganuma (Chiba) are two main tanago fisheries in Kanto, with Kasumigaura being the more famous (and much larger). You can even buy fishing point maps for the Kasumigaura lakes from angling stores or Japanese Amazon.
      Good luck with your tanago fishing!

  6. Thanks so much for the reply I know its very late but its awesome to hear back from a passionate Tanago fisherman such as yourself. I have still not visited Kasumigaura or Teganuma but have caught some interesting species from Tamagawa and Tsurumigawa. Including Bluegil, Eel, Oikawa, and Haze. Also a few which im not sure of but i know there not tanago.
    I have some time off in the summer and will head out to Ibaraki and Chiba on my tanago mission. Ive also heard there are tanago north of the tamagawa river in the right spots. Its a long shot but i am determined!
    Cheers again!

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