Tokyo Smog

Unusual pollution over Tokyo today; this is the view from my balcony this afternoon.



2 responses to “Tokyo Smog

  1. For a city of its size, I remember the air of Tokyo being not too bad – which I attributed in part to fairly sensible transportation systems. Still, weekly dustings of my apartment revealed a certain amount of air-borne grime… Your photo looks like Los Angeles in terms of the hazy smog.

  2. You’re quite right, Tokyo isn’t that bad considering the number of people and vehicles.
    This pollution is the so-called Yellow Sand – when the winds and air pressure contrive, sand from west China and Mongolia (picking up a hefty load of particulate pollution from industry) blows over and onto the Chinese coast, Korea and Japan. On this side of the water it is not uncommon a few times a year in western Japan but it is really the first time I have seen it here in Tokyo and this bad.

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