If yesterday was bad…

Overnight the wind veered into the south-east and has really strengthened, presumably bringing more of the stuff overland; I took this photo at 14:01 this afternoon, the same view from my balcony as the previous post.  An Oriental pea-souper, for sure.



4 responses to “If yesterday was bad…

  1. Gee, I don’t think I ever saw Tokyo that smoggy.

    • It was eerie: came on in a few minutes, and made 2pm Tokyo look like twilight. I took the train to Yokohama at 4pm and there was no hint of a smog or wind there. Very odd. The Japanese Met office has denied this is yellow sand, but instead called it the rather vague “haze” (enmu).

    • Thanks for the link. My understanding is that the source of the “Yellow Sand” is not just western China but the desert regions of Central Asia as well – and the recent outbreaks are due to the great increase in desertification in the area. The addition of sulphur, coal-fire smoke and heavy metal pollutants almost certainly comes from China’s industrial centres though.

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