English Bangers

Breakfast sausages in the making.  Here in Japan your local supermarket will only really have American- or German-style sausages, almost always pre-cooked and rather watery (as well as the abomination of Japanese bacon).  Whilst there is nothing really wrong with these local interpretations (although I cannot imagine what a Bavarian or Cousin Jonathan might have to say about them) I do like to have a proper English sausage every so often – Cumberland (cooked and served coiled into a fake, rather than being linked) or just good old pork and breadcrumbs.  Colman’s mustard on the side, of course, and served with mashed potatoes and onion gravy.  So I have to make the sausages myself; it is neither difficult nor expensive.



2 responses to “English Bangers

  1. Smiling as I read this post, Adam. Brings back memories of various “food shock” experiences in Japan – pizza, hamburgers, mayonnaise to mention a few that prompted me to rethink what those foods are. Of course, back in America I get into rousing debates with my own daughter as to what constitutes sushi as I’ve never warmed up to some of the sauce-covered creations to be had in American restaurants. Have to agree with you on sausage, too. I reckon a positive thing about the eclectic nature of American supermarkets is that one doesn’t have to eat American-style sausage or “American” cheese.

  2. Just so you know, the pizzas are as eccentric as ever (some are actually quite nice – tuna flakes with nori seaweed and suchlike); the mayonnaise is still vinegared and the bacon is a slander on pigs and breakfast. Although having the language I am better off than my old Turkish classmates who went to their local store for cheese (like many of their countrymen, they were mad about cheese) and the shopman very patiently and politely led them to the stationery corner and showed them a selection of maps (chizu and chiizu).
    Nowadays if you are prepared to pay for it, in Tokyo you can buy imported cheeses like pecorino or Camembert and even the two main varieties of American cheese: yellow and orange. Curiously enough, I am going to try my hand at home cheese-making later this year.

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