old gyotaku appearing whilst clearing out my old stuff.  Whilst none of the fish were spectacular in size, each gyotaku lists the date, boat and place the fish was caught, and its particulars, and each one has a story to it. Just fingering through them brought back a host of memories: the first madai I ever caught; the first madai I caught on a rig entirely of my own construction; the marbled flounder I caught in Iwate when it was minus 7°C and nobody else caught anything; the young suzuki caught on a mebaru line that tasted so good when grilled; the giant aji (38cm) I snagged whilst caught in a genuine squall during Golden Week; the Pacific cod so big I had no washi paper that it would fit on, so I ripped up my bedsheet and printed it on that…happy, happy memories.  The genuine good fish gyotaku are of course, still on my wall.


2 responses to “Memories

  1. 私の知り合いで、タナゴの魚拓を取る人がいますよ!

  2. 1円玉タナゴの魚拓とれる?

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