Finally got round to starting my homemade bresaola.  There is an online butcher here that sells beef eye of round, and as soon as it arrived I set to work.  The cut has a fair bit of fat and silverskin on it, and these need to be removed.  Once done, the cut is ready to be cured.  This one came to 1700g when fully trimmed and prepared.


I used Ruhlman & Polcyn’s recipe for the cure, although I did not use all the spices they recommend.  In my opinion, a lot of their recipes are over-spiced and over-herbed, but like all my cooking, I prefer things simpler rather than architectural.  Aside from the orthodox amounts of sea-salt, freshly ground black pepper and nitrate in their recipe, I just added a few juniper berries and omitted the bay, thyme and rosemary.  The beef is now curing in my fridge and should be ready for hanging in a couple of weeks or so.


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