New batch duck prosciutto

This time I measured the salt (rather than the box method) and the cure has no extra flavourings other than black pepper and some juniper berries – the duck came out the best I’ve made yet and I didn’t wrap the duck in cheesecloth (pure laziness/stinginess on my part).  The meat doesn’t seem worse off for not being wrapped, although by the end of the drying period the mould was starting to grow outrageous.  This batch took precisely three weeks, although I measured its readiness by weight of water loss (some of Ruhlman & Polcyn’s drying times are too short in my opinion, or at least calculated for far larger chambers with perfectly controlled conditions). 


4 responses to “New batch duck prosciutto

  1. Greetings, Adam,
    Do you remove the breast tenderloin, or leave it attached?

  2. Hi Jim,
    I buy the duck breasts already butchered and they come without the tenderloin.

  3. Hi Adam,
    I was curious because Matthew Wright removes tenderloins due to cavities that can invite “nasties”. Have you ever contacted him?

  4. No I haven’t but his posts are full of very useful information (especially with fermented sausages).

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