Bresaola: first taste

The bresaola has lost precisely 30% of its weight, a few days short of two months in the drying chamber.  It is always a moment of nervous tension when you slice  a dry-cured meat or fermented sausage for the first time, but I was lucky and greeted with a most gratifying sight.


It is difficult to explain how good it tasted: being lean beef, it is very different to cured pork – no unctuous fat – a far more sweeter taste that increases with chewing, offset with the black pepper that went into the cure.  The dried meat is very hard, and benefits from being sliced as thin as possible.  If anything, this would be even better if dried further but I am very pleased with my first attempt, and I need the space in my drying chamber for my next charcuterie project, which will start in a couple of days.


6 responses to “Bresaola: first taste

  1. It looks perfect! Can’t wait to get my curing chamber up and running 🙂

    • Thanks protopigeon!
      Good luck with your chamber and I’m sure you’ll make some good charcuterie!
      I’m already thinking about building a larger set-up…

  2. Hi Adam,
    Good for you. Looks great!

    • Hi Jim,
      Thanks, it tasted pretty good too.
      Next batch of meat I have lined up for the chamber is pancetta and also a couple of coppa.

  3. Hi Adam,

    Your local amateur charcuterie hand in Tokyo writing again. I’ve been hunting for a non-wagyu eye of round roast for the past two weeks with no success (in an attempt to make bresaola). From what I gather the cut is called: 「しきんぼ」プロック. I’ve called about 10 different butchers and am greeting with a frustrating chorus: it’s not a cut of meat sold in Japan. Could you let me know where you found this gorgeous piece of beef?

    …also having a real hard time finding cultures for fermenting sausage and mould for the outside casings. Any insights you can share on that would also be warmly welcomed!

  4. Hi David,
    The Meat Guy ( here in Japan sells beef eye of round; I bought mine there. Lots of other “big” meats for sale there too that are hard to find in regular supermarkets. I have also bought whole legs of lamb there for barbecues and the quality has been excellent.
    All the best,

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