Coppa progress

Not sure if this is the coppa muscle properly isolated, but it is the best cut I can get here in Tokyo – seems to be only part of the coppa and a good chunk of spalla-meat in there.  Anyway, it is fatty, good quality pork and I am dry-curing it according to the orthodox method.  This is after one week in the drying chamber – it has lost about 15% of its mass.  The specks of white mould you can see is good mould, although at this early stage in the drying I dab the mouldy bits with red wine vinegar to stop it growing too outrageous.  I have another similar piece of pork in the freezer and I think when I dry it I will pack it in a natural casing, as that method seemed to work so well for my bresaola.

2 responses to “Coppa progress

  1. Wow! You are doing some serious food preparation work. How did the coppa and the salami taste once they’d finished their drying?

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