Leftover shirogisu (Japanese whiting) made into English fishcakes – the fish poached gently in milk before being flaked and mixed with mashed potatoes, some spring onions and chopped parsley, the whole shaped into patties and breadcrumbed and shallow-fried.  Secret recipe tartar sauce on the side, of course.


7 responses to “Fishcakes

  1. Yum. …waiting for the secret the tartar sauce to be revealed.

  2. Yum. We’ll be trying this one in the near future. Guess we’ll have to stick with tried and true Beaver tarter sauce… unless a tarter sauce post is to follow!

    • Barbra & Jack,
      The classic English recipe calls for, for the fish part, a half-half mixture of a white fish and salmon – with a pinch of nutmeg in the milk when you lightly poach it. Please try it with your amazing Alaskan salmon!
      When formed into patties they need to be dusted with flour, then covered in beaten egg, before breadcrumbing & frying, otherwise they fall apart in the hot oil.

  3. Joel, my recipe is not that different to HFW’s there. Just a couple of tweaks here and there…

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