With eggs, we have everything

One of my fishing buddies gave me a box of local breed chicken eggs – a very welcome present.  These are very good eggs, with a nice deep yellow yolk and rich taste.  With a surfeit of eggs one of the first things I made was tortillas; that is, tortillas española – a family favourite.

Closer to home I also made some ajitsuke tamago – literally ‘flavoured eggs’ which are a mainstay of Japanese restaurant ramen but can be eaten as-is and goes with most things.  In essence they are soft-boiled eggs that are stewed in dashi or ramen soup till it seeps into the whites which take up both the flavour and colour of the steeping-liquor.

Eggs are also good for baking: I put some in my homemade pão de queijo, which came out very nice.

The last of the eggs was despatched in an Indian dish – to be precise, a Parsee-Indian dish called ekoori, which is essentially scrambled eggs with a decidedly Indian flavour (recipe: Madhur Jaffrey).  I made this with my garden cherry tomatoes straight off the vine, and as a breakfast dish is pretty hard to beat.

Whilst plucking my tomatoes, amid a cloud of greedy mosquitoes trying to feed on me, I noticed a praying mantis lurking on the plant: always a welcome sight, and the first I have seen of the season.


2 responses to “With eggs, we have everything

  1. Hi Adam, I’m a big fan of that Jaffrey ekoori dish, I’d never thought of it for brekka, I’ve usually had it for a sunday supper. I’ll have to try making some ajitsuke tamago at some point, they look devilishly delicate to handle, a bit like soft-boiled scotch eggs I expect. Tom

  2. Tom I usually make it for breakfast, with toast; either as a solid foundation for a day’s fishing or as a late Saturday morning hangover-buster.
    I suspect the ramen restaurants halve the eggs with a wire.

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