Tokyo Coppa

My homemade coppa is ready, after 31 days drying.  It is not an authentic coppa as the pork is butchered in a slightly eccentric way; however, it tastes quite delicious – in fact it is the best-tasting dry-cured pork I have made yet.  This would go down very well with a fruity Italian red wine, or Spanish Jerez or iced claret-cup, on little pieces of toasted bread or even by itself. The lip-smacking umami taste, saltiness and general porky goodness is hard to describe to someone not acquainted with charcuterie.


It may sound like heresy, but I think this pork would come out very well laid out in strips on top of a freshly baked pizza.  When warmed up to the point where the fat is almost melting (not hard here in summer-time Tokyo where it is 32ºC indoors) I am sure it would be quite delicious.  Anyway, enough of my ravings bordering on enthusiasm, I should say that this pork was cured according to the basic recipe as described by Ruhlman & Polcyn, although it took longer to dry out – I look forward to dry-curing more pork according to their recipes in the future.


12 responses to “Tokyo Coppa

  1. it looks great – I can’t wait to get some of this going once I have my suring chamber set up!

    • protopigeon, I highly recommend this or pancetta as a first dry curing project. Very easy and very tasty!

      • I definitely want to try a coppa. Currently I have 2 guanciale, some bacon and a filetto curing so I’ll have to wait for a bit (also need to finish my curing chamber controller too!)

  2. protopigeon, I can’t find whole pig jowls for sale here in Tokyo, so you are very lucky! Guanciale is one of my favourites.

    • I do feel pretty lucky, I’m able to get the entire heads from the local farm – maybe that’s worth a try over there?

      • protopigeon, I can buy whole heads but they are imported – frozen and not really quality high enough for dry-curing (I might try making brawn one day though). I am still searching for a local farmer who will sell me the basic big cuts of pork; the market here is all geared towards yakiniku so everything comes sliced thin in little packs!

      • I am lucky in that respect, the heads I get are organic pigs from a local farm. which is about 3 miles from home. Good luck with the hunt!

  3. just realised that I pretty much repeated myself there 🙂

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