Almost ready for picking…

“Dorset naga” chilli on the vine.


At the moment I have three kinds of chilli plants in: Dorset naga, bhut jolokia and the Japanese variety taka-no-tsume (literally “Hawk’s Claw”).  The Dorset naga flowered first and are ripening nicely.  Jolokia and the Japanese chilli are flowering and a few fruits have just formed.  I look forward to them immensely!


2 responses to “Almost ready for picking…

  1. I bet they’re gonna be super hot! It’s my first year growing chillis this year in the UK, I have lots of cayenne plants, which are in fruit but they haven’t ripened properly yet. Excited to try them!

    • Slightly scared of these guys but looking forward to cooking with them…the farmer who sold me the seedlings rated them “12 of out 10” for chilli heat, and an English website described their heat as “nuclear.” Might have to make them into a sausage; a sausage of death.

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