More charcuterie

The charcuterie madness continues, and I finally broke down and bought a food vacuum sealer.  This is useful for both preservation of dry cured meats when ready, and also in the curing stage as well.   Here in Japan you can buy a home vacuum sealer very reasonably from Rakuten, called Shinku Pakkun, which can seal both plastic bags and glass pots.  Anyway, I sliced up the last of my pancetta tesa and coppa/spalla – some went into the freezer for the future, and others will be given as presents to various friends.


6 responses to “More charcuterie

  1. Funny enough I filled myself with homemade pancetta di marisa yesterday. Marcela approved by coming for seconds and thirds.

  2. Amy, you’re alive! Good to hear from you. And that you are eating pancetta.

  3. Adam,
    I am glad you are alive as well. Pancetta is one of the few joys I have left while waiting for the middle class dream. It is the best gift one can give so I hope the gift receivers realize what a great gift you are giving them. I hope all is well.

  4. Amy, Surely you also have the (dubious) joys of batidos Cubanos, and of keema nans and paan in Jackson Heights?
    Yes all receivers of my charcuterie are very grateful, and not even one of them has developed food poisoning, yet.

  5. It looks delicious as all your food does so I am sure it was enjoyed by all. The yakiniku also looks delicious. I actually haven’t returned to Jackson Heights in a long time. My favorite Indian restaurant in NJ closed and I am trying to find a new one, the search hasn’t been as delicious as I had hoped but I won’t give up.

  6. Amy,
    I hope your search is fruitful. There exists a remote possibility I might be heading that way next year for a conference (like last time). Although there is always the lure of Kababish…

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