Saturday tanago fishing and unagi

My camera ran out of battery power after photographing my first catch, but my very obliging and generous host Mr. I. took a couple of photos for me on the day.

My homemade bamboo tanago rod is still giving good service, although I need to work more on my hook grinding!  Afterwards we indulged in a local specialty, unagi eel, of course with a few sundries beforehand such as homemade pickles, grilled eel livers, tamago-yaki and suchlike.

The pickles I suspect were salted rather heavily, to make sure customers order plenty of drinks; something we did without encouragement.  Later in the meal after numerous beers and hot sake,  the grilled unagi arrived.  Most good restaurants will keep their eels live in a tub and only butcher and fillet them once the customer orders it, requiring a wait of half an hour or more (in this part of Japan the fillets are steamed before grilling).  The unagi gourmand of course will spend this time profitably, consuming a variety of alcoholic drinks.

The unagi was received at table with much applause, yet curiously at the moment this photo was taken the deck took an immense lurch to port, even more curious as we were on dry land.  It was quite delicious, regardless.


2 responses to “Saturday tanago fishing and unagi

  1. It was very tasty, of what I remember of it.

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