First Fishing Trip of 2014

On Sagami Bay, under a winter sun with hardly a breath of wind.  The weather was if anything, too good, and the day passed quite undisturbed by fish.  Luckily I had taken the precaution of packing a number of Yebisu beers, and snacks, in my ice chest and the day was passed most pleasantly in full view of Mt. Fuji and very little to do beyond occasionally making a pretense of checking one’s tackle, and fetching another beer from the cooler.

Fishing on Sagami Bay in the winter usually means calm water and spectacular views of Mt. Fuji.  In my advancing years, it is hard to imagine that in my youth I actually climbed it to the very top.  As the Japanese saying goes, “every person should climb Mt. Fuji once in their lifetime; he who does it twice, is an idiot.”  Anyway, back on shore we were greeted by a bowl of hot udon, some fried things and a great number of boiled eggs, laid on by the boat as part of the day’s fee, and by the captain’s cat who waylaid us as we were finishing up our meal.  Amongst twelve anglers that day the cat soon had me down as the soft touch, a mark, a flat, and I was obliged to amuse her whilst my fishing buddies were preparing to go home.  I managed to escape eventually, under a cloud of feline disapprobation.


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