The other hirame

First time for me angling when one fish takes two anglers’ baits and gets hooked on both anglers’ tackle!   If you look carefully in the photo, one hook is set deep but you can see another leader going into the left-hand corner of the fish’s mouth (this was my hook).  Fortunately, both myself and the other angler were able to agree that by the end of the day’s fishing, the person who caught less than the other would keep this fish.  Even more fortunately, for both of us, the other chap caught a massive hirame, the biggest boated that day, as well as a nice green-ling so I got to keep this one, no tiddler itself at 65cm.  Given its unusual landing I did not exult too much over this fish but the captain took a photo for me on the way home.  Thank you very much Mr. I. for your kindness!


4 responses to “The other hirame

  1. nilanjanalahiri

    The fish luks kinda dangerous!!

  2. nilanjanalahiri,
    Yes despite being a flatfish the hirame is a predator and those teeth can make a mess of your hand if you are incautious when unhooking the fish!
    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I will never attempt to catch them until I muster sufficient courage…

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