New year charcuterie

After nearly three weeks hanging the goose prosciutto is probably ready to eat but another week or even longer won’t do it any harm.  I’ve never made this with goose meat before, only duck, so this will be a treat!

The Iberico pork shoulder has lost 15% of its weight in 20 days, so has plenty more drying to go.  Already the meat on the outside has taken on a nice dark colour.  Every week or so the meat needs to inspected for mould and the more  vigorous growths dabbed with a cotton bud dipped in wine vinegar.  Since my drying chamber is new and I haven’t hanged any moulded sausages in it yet, i.e., sausages inoculated with Bactoferm 600-strain, there seem to be all sorts of species of mould growing in there.  Curiously all it takes is one batch of well-moulded sausage to permanently seed the chamber with the right variety of mould, which seems to outgrow all the other undesirable species.


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