Goose prosciutto

After 40 days drying I decided to eat it.  This is made with goose breast according to the recipe in Ruhlman & Polcyn’s Salumi book.  It is even better than their recipe made with duck.


6 responses to “Goose prosciutto

  1. Hello Adam,
    I would like to hear your opinion about the taste of the goose prosciutto. I have done the duck version, and to tell you the truth, I was under-whelmed by the product. A pretty expensive disappointment, actually.
    Did you use any other seasonings than salt and pepper?

    • Hi Jim,
      This came out even better than the duck prosciutto. Goose can have a slightly stronger, gamier taste compared to farmed duck so the recipe has a fair amount of garlic as well as spices in it – I made it exactly to the recipe in Salumi (although I measure the salt instead of using the salt box method).

  2. Hello Adam,
    The stronger taste is what I am looking for. Was that a farmed goose or one that was free roaming?

    • Hi JIm,
      I don’t know. It is imported frozen from Hungary and I couldn’t really read the label! But the breast was fairly small, 300g if I remember correctly.

  3. Wow, the color is quite beautiful. I hope the taste was just as sumptuous.

    • Hi Amy,
      It comes out even better when sliced very thin with a butcher’s meat slicer, but yes it is a nice colour! It tasted very good too, even better than the duck prosciutto I have made.

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