Birthday Herabuna

Caught on a hot August morning!


4 responses to “Birthday Herabuna

  1. Hi ,
    Are you still doing Herabuna fishing?

    • Hi Igor, I would like to but the last year or so has been all saltwater fishing. No tanago either. Thanks for re-visiting my blog, though! Adam

      • Igor Nizhnikov

        Hi Adam,
        My friend and I are trying to introduce Herabuna fishing in USA, California… It’s fairly new for us ,no more than 3 years. At the beginning we were fishing carp using “Herabuna style ” but it wasn’t real Herabuna.
        And finally we found “buna” in California 800 km away from us. This April I am going again to Japan, to learn more about Herabuna fishing…
        Here what we have found in California:

  2. Hi Igor, you definitely have all the right tackle! What kind of fish are they, if they are not herabuna? I hope you enjoy your fishing trip this April! Adam

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