Boned spalla

Clearing out the freezer at home with the memsahib and found a big chunk of boneless spalla I dried last year, still tied in string and vacuum-packed.  This is made from bellota-grade pork and is very, very fatty.  I had the time today to slice it and it is ready to be consumed (with plenty leftover for friends, neighbours and colleagues).  This is what individual slices from the thin end looked like:

Thankfully it has started to cool down a bit these past few weeks in Tokyo so perhaps I can start another batch of dry curing in September.  I am very keen on trying a couple of recipes from R & P including some variations of salami.  Anyway, my latest charcuterie investment, the home vacuum sealer, is proving to be definitely worth the money (a staggering 9800 yen) and I also use it for my angling catches too.  I put the slices of meat onto a layer of waxed brown paper and seal the whole thing up – perfect for freezing or giving as a gift somewhere.


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