Eating cutlassfish

Cutlassfish is one of those remarkable ingredients like cuttlefish, that eats well no matter how you prepare it.  My favourites include as sushi and grilled, and I indulged in both as I was very lucky on the water, despite it being the 13th.  First dish up was steaks of cutlassfish sprinkled with salt and then grilled under the cooker grill, and flavoured four ways (from top to bottom): with summer truffle-salt, with Sichuan pepper, with Italian porcini-salt and lastly a mixture of mayonnaise and wasabi.  All were washed down with very cold white wine.

Next in line was cutlassfish sushi.  The cutlassfish fillet is cut into strips which are lightly grilled before being flavoured with salt, wasabi and squeezed yuzu juice – no soy sauce is needed in the eating.

More sushi followed…

With a bottle each of white and red wine and some sundry beers over the course of the preparing and eating, my memory becomes a little indistinct after these dishes, but I still have plenty of fillets left over for today as well, and some vacuum-packed and ready to be given to friends.  These days I don’t get out to sea as often as I used to so I appreciate each trip more!  Thanks as always to a Bentenya, Kanazawa Hakkei, for the great day’s fishing.


2 responses to “Eating cutlassfish

  1. Drinking & cooking… perfect. I caught a couple of fairly large cutlassfish from a sea wall while throwing lures for suzuki. I salted and broiled them with fair results. Your recipes look much more interesting. Never thought to try them as sashimi or sushi. Darn.

    • There’s always next time you are in Japan!
      Shio-yaki is the orthodox method of eating tachiuo. Because of the peculiarity of their anatomy (completely scaleless, but a quite tough skin that is near impossible to separate from the flesh) to eat these guys as sashimi/sushi you need to slice them very thin or you need to scorch/grill the skin side.

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